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Two Weeks

August is almost over. University is fast approaching. Part of me has felt ready for this for the past two years, and part of me is overwhelmed by all the changes. A few days ago I started packing, putting books and shelf storage and kitchen essentials in boxes. Over the weekend I paid my tuition. Everything is suddenly so real.

I have two weeks. Two weeks to meet with friends I won’t see for months, make sure I buy what I need, pack up what I’m bringing to my new life, and enjoy what’s left of this summer. Two more weeks of lazy days watching movies and reading and listening to new music. Two more weeks to figure out how much money I have, to make a budget and write down recipes.

In fourteen days I’ll find out what my dorm room looks like, meet my roommates for the first time in person, start trying to find my way around campus. In fourteen days I need to take real responsibility for myself and my life. No more of my parents telling me what to do, or reminding me what I need to get done. I’ll be on my own. I think it’s safe to say the next two weeks will be both unbearably long and incredibly short.


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