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My Paradox of a Diet

Here above is what my lunch consisted of a few days ago. I know, they’re completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

I love healthy food. I’m not just trying to convince myself of that, I actually really  love vegetables – when they’re prepared well, that is. I love the variety of flavours and textures, and I like my plate to look as colourful as possible. I don’t really crave meat or dairy, but if you’re offering, who am I to turn down good food? Mostly my diet is carbs like oatmeal, rice and bread with veggies. Some may say that’s the epitome of healthy, some will say carbs are bad and meat is what we need. Either way I think it is universally acknowledged that you should eat your greens, which I do…

Until I get to dessert. I have CRAZY sugar cravings. And the craziest thing is that more than half the time, the sugar I eat isn’t nearly as satisfying as I imagine  it will be, even two bites in. Give me any kind of sweet and I won’t refuse: chocolate, cake (if it’s moist), sour candy, I’ll take it all. And promptly regret it all.

I think  I’m really just fighting my mind, because it’s not like I’m forcing down my dinner just to get to dessert. I enjoy my meals, and my body feels happy and full enough at the end. If I move on to other things I have to do, I may not even think about chocolate. But once my imagination gets rolling, it will not let me go. It convinces me that I love the sugar, that I need the sugar, NOW. And the rest is history 😉

Is my diet actually a paradox? Not really (the title just sounded cool). I think we all enjoy sugar because that’s the way we’re made. Do I have a solution to my particular problem? Not exactly, or at least not yet. But they do say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so here’s to making better choices! Maybe I need to keep myself busy after I eat. Maybe I need to eat more naturally sugar-filled foods in my meals. Maybe I just need to build my self-control. I don’t think there’s a perfect method, but I’ll try a few and keep you guys posted. So for now I guess,

Bon Apétit!


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